Candle Making & Decorating

An elegant workshop in Candle Making with Midas Touch Crafts.

Forget the same old experience days and come and learn a new skill on our Candle Making Workshop! We offer the best value for money for candle making workshops in the UK! We teach you how to create your own stunning candles, whether for personal use or to begin your own enterprise, in an informal environment. Using a wide array of fragrances, colours and containers, you can match it to your mood, d├ęcor or to give away as gifts. On average you will make a minimum of 4 candles on the day, which covers more the cost of the course in comparison to the cost of a deluxe candle. You will learn how to use a number of different waxes and scents to create stunning candles and how to decorate the exterior of your candles. This includes beautiful finishing touches and packaging for your own handmade candles.