Chocolate Truffle & Energy Ball Making

An elegant & delicious workshop with Midas Touch Crafts

On this workshop you will make and take-home chocolate truffles as well and energy balls and a wealth of ideas and knowledge to impress friends and families for many dinner parties to come.

Want to decorate make your own chocolate to wow your dinner guests or to give away as thoughtful and not to mention delicious gifts? Or maybe you want to spend the day with someone and what better than spend a day laughing creating and eating lots of lovely chocolate. Look no further… Get in touch about our chocolate workshops, where you could come alone and treat yourself or with friends, family and really share a sweet treat.

In this jam-packed workshop, we’ll share some of our secrets about the history of chocolate, the enable you to leave with an in depth understanding of the actual content of the chocolate that we eat. As well as lots of tasting and a jam packed half day of making you will be delighted and certainly feed that sweet tooth.

This can also be a private bespoke party that can be tailored to your needs and taste. We will give you expert tuition in order for you to create fantastic sweet treats for that dinner party, large party or presents that you want to start giving away.


The workshop covers: In depth history of chocolate, what is ganache and make your own, learn to hand roll your own truffles, how to roll, dip and cover in a number of different flavours and textures, Learn and make your own chocolate chip energy balls.