Hand Pottery & Ceramics

An elegant workshop with Midas Touch Crafts.

On the fun packed workshop, you will make and take home 3 handmade ceramic pieces that you will have handmade (no wheel) and personally decorated! Including 2 pieces of your choice and a mug.

On this outstandingly popular beginner level course you will be covering the basics of working with air dry clay. You will learn to wedge, centre and mould. You will be guided and encouraged to try your hand at all the basic techniques needed for different forms such as cylinders, vases, bowls and platters, jewellery boxes and many more. You will learn how to apply pattern directly to the clay surface and how different hand tools can be used effectively for this purpose. You will also be shown how to effectively paint all the pieces that you make – and the best bit not only do you take home all the knowledge you also take home all the pieces that you make to display and show off to family and friends.