Natural Organic Hair Care Product Making

An elegant workshop with Midas Touch Crafts.

Our experienced, passionate teachers show you how to create your own enchanting homemade hair products, whether for personal use or to begin your own business, in an informal environment all from completely natural, organic products that can be found I your very own kitchen at home.

Using a wide array of fragrances, colours, ingredients, and foods, you can be sure that you will leave armed full of new ideas and new skills.

On the day you will make: Hair remover so hair is gone forever, Natural Hair Shampoo, Organic Hair Conditioner, Tinted Dry Shampoo, Homemade luxurious hair serum

Most Hair Care workshops only teach you how to make one product for the same price we currently offer 5 different products, by the end of this workshop, you will have made 5 products and covered in detail; Types of hair products, understanding 100% homemade organic hair products, Health and Safety, Scenting Hair Care products properly and non-chemically correctly, Using colouring properly, Finishing Touches to package up as gifts or to sell, basic understanding of Essential Oils

You will depart the workshop with an incomparable collection of handmade beautiful hair care products to proudly use or give away as gifts, and the self-confidence to create many more with your own creative idea to add.