Perfume & Aftershave Making

An elegant workshop with Midas Touch Crafts.

On this workshop, you will make and take home not only a full range of skills to make and blend your own perfumes / aftershaves but also a learn to make a perfume/aftershave oil, a solid perfume/ aftershave and a spray perfume/ aftershave!

Want to give incredible perfume gifts to wow your friends and family or to give even just to spend a little less on your own perfumes/aftershave? Or maybe you want to spend the day with someone special? What better than to spend a day laughing blending and making your very own perfumes/aftershaves. Get in touch about our perfumery workshops, where you could come alone and treat yourself or with friends, family and really share a scented treat.

In this jam-packed workshop, we’ll share some of our secrets about the history of perfume and how itss really made with regards to range of notes and scents and materials and these will form the base of our perfumes. We shall then dedicate time to a hands-on blending and, with guidance, you’ll create your own perfume blended with an unscented oil. You will make and take home a solid perfume, perfume oil and a spray perfume.